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Smugmug image sizes

Smugmug image sizes

I grab the link to the appropriate image size and post it to my blog. Call Brown Harano Studio and give the preview number and sizes you wish to order 3. You can purchase images by emailing the proof number located at the bottom of the images along with image type and size to asphotodesign3 @gmail. Photos from this gallery is your quickest option for multiple images. 3. Popups image galery, detailed image informations, editing options at the image border in fullscreen modus. _____ Sizes available: 8x10-$26. For best results, follow the suggestions below. All of the photos on this site are for sale and reasonably priced. Check out my new family, Christmas card and student packages to get savings on some traditional image sizes! {This feature shows up when you put a photo in your shopping cart!} The vision is for this to accompany the image for display, particularly in an office or public type setting. Sharpening an image before printing, assuming you do so with the proper care, can improve the quality of your printed copies. If you wish to order dance prints please note the image # (for example DSC-5793) and what size and quantity to wish to order.

Images available in a variety of sizes and formats, from traditional matted prints to metal, wood, canvas, note cards, jigsaw puzzles, etc. I am curious to what size or sizes people upload. Contact me at PFJohnsonPhotography@gmail. Craft the site your photos deserve. Image Quality This gallery is a sample (at low resolution) of the images in the current (2013) Visual Explorer™ set. com to photograph your next event. This is a serious set-back for many users, and I don’t know why they did this. This is how the photos appear on a Retina Macbook Pro (note: to see any difference, you must click on the photos to view them full-screen). 0. " STOCK PRINT SIZES The general stock print size measures 10" x 7" and when the image is mounted gives an overall size of 14" x 11". It also shows up in the bookmarks if a user/visitor bookmark your site.

First thing is to download the Tabbed SmugMug Product Page. blogspot. If you want to post an image to a blog or forum and SmugMug's standard image sizes won't do, you can make your own i. You won’t even need to create to create an account to start using it. Once approved, the image must have the proper credit line and the photo links retained. If you want to use any of these images for anything other than personal noncommercial reasons, please contact me and I'll try to arrange something. I can fill my 1680x1050 monitor with an image. Welcome to my site! Please enjoy the photos and feel free to contact me with any questions. com. The images in the following galleries are available in a variety of media and sizes. If you are interested in a particular image you can purchase it directly from the website or email me with your request.

com Added new SmugMug sizes to the backend options; In case an image has no title, and lightbox linking is disabled, the plugin will now not show the “View” text in the lightbox; 1. Other sizes: 600 x 520 O 120 x 450 R 468 x 336 R 468 x 240 R 120 x 150 R: Standard Image Sizes. Any images you add through SmugMug should follow their documentation. Available sizes and prices are right below each image, just scroll down. ) Watermarks are not present on your final print and exist solely on the SmugMug image previews for image theft protection. Fine prints of this photograph are available in a variety of sizes and supports including paper, canvas, metal and wood. . The company was launched in 2002 and offers a toolset that facilitates the selling of digital and print media for both amateur and professional photographers. Client Gallery Instruction and Terms & Conditions. Go to desired photo and click "Buy" in the bottom right corner to see complete list of options and prices, and to purchase. Photo Welcome to the Online Gallery for NH Sports Photography.

All images can be ordered on this site as paper, canvas or metal prints (my personal favorite) in a variety of sizes. com if there are any issues. Image files are provided as JPEG in the sRGB colorspace (TIFFS available on request) All Downloaded images are subject to a licensing agreement. From there, select a resolution. The larger image at right can be viewed even larger by clicking on it. Please make a note of the filename. Click on any image and edit using the powerful PickMonkey integration. So I organised two files for my websites, a small one of 200x150 pixels at around 10 < 20Kb for the thumbnails and then the 'large' version at 800x600 Powered by SmugMug. It’s only interested in one thing (well, two things): to make your photos look incredible DCGPHOTOS "This World through My Eye" How do you see the world? Every person has their view of the world, we all see it just a shade different and in each view, we find the beauty of a moment that can never be replicated in real life. 0 - fix bug that prevented comment retrieval on Smart Galleries 0 Credit remaining To download image , simply move your mouse over the large image wait a short second and a small popup menu will appear with viewing sizes, look to the bottom on that popup menu and you will see an option for SAVE PHOTO. My photographs are available for sale as a variety of image products including: -Prints of various sizes, paper finisheseven canvas -Downloadable, limited-use licensed Image Files -Merchandise such as: T-Shirts, Mugs, Mouse Pads, etc.

2. . To browse photos, click the desired image from the gallery or view all images by pressing the Slideshow button. smugmug. Choose from canvas gallery wraps to glossy, mettalic or luster medias. EZPrint . image size best practices? PilotBrad Major grins Posts: 339 Registered Users Major grins June 15, 2010 edited December 7, 2010 in Finishing School Welcome to Fit Image Photography. com), can be ordered using the cart associated to each image. Fine art prints of different sizes and in a variety of supports, produced through Smugmug (www. com encourages Einstein photo students to experience real photojournalism while providing a service for the AEHS community. These categories are chosen by SmugMug; UB media users looking for web-ready images should choose “LowRes 2Mpix (3X)” 5.

This is a list of standard images size in use around the web. Since 1999, John Sage's FinchHaven Digital Photography of Vashon Island celebrations, Vashon Island youth sports, and Vashon Island walkabouts throughout the year! Smugmug will automatically make the smaller sizes used in the web viewing from your upload size. This website has been created as a result of many inquiries to make my photography available to the everyday heros that are out there day and night making a difference. This allows the mount to fit straight into a standard size frame. Here are some tips to access the images: Move the mouse over the image to access - and view - different sizes. Give him a digital or a film camera and the challenge before him will be to create an image that will grab your attention. Welcome to the TrueVision Photography Store, home to the photography of Tony Curado. - fix cornercase in image syncing where filenames had spaces and plusses Version 3. Please text, email or call if you would When I upload images to SmugMug at full resolution, the SmugMug platform generates all possible sizes and crops for every image. 225 772 4052 Email: kjs784@gmail. Please include your phone numbe r and send send your order to orders@robertevers.

Move over, Goldilocks. 5x7, 8x10, 8x12, etc. If you click on the image size option (an icon with three rectangles) you can select various sizes: 4. This company provides a comprehensive set of tools (SmugMug Pro) that facilitates the print and digital media for professional and amateur photographers. I imagine that photo site building services like Smugmug and Zenfolio must resize the full resolution images one uploads to display at appropriate sizes in galleries, but I would be surprised if they did any additional file compression on photos (as Facebook does) to save disk space and increase download speeds at the expense of image quality. 63 OPTIONAL: Collage print with three images 8x12 $28. 84 • 4x5-$9. That's why we have worked so hard for over 40 years to earn the trust of Professional Photographers in the United States and throughout the world. HOW TO BUY. Also keepsakes, phone cases and private and commercial downloads are available. Note: You’ll need to be on the top plan to access this feature (more on pricing further down).

Check out the galleries below and order prints in sizes from wallet size to 24 x 36" poster size. uk - (Note: please choose the photographic size best fitting your chosen image and that some images may require cropping - indicated by a dulled out border around your photograph. But if you don't have one, just make a new private gallery and call it "Watermarks. Both have been photographers for 20 years studying under the prestigious Arizona Highways photographers and other nationally renowned photographers, such as George D. Update for 2019: Smugmug removed the image selector button from the Organize panel mode. " The templates are set up to fit image-heavy portfolios. Image Edits . Due to image theft I now only upload small file sizes, but all photo's (from June 2006) are taken with canon DSLR's & are shot in raw format & at the largest size possible. Phillip. It's also a great idea to crop your image once it's added to the shopping cart. com I retain the copyrights to these images.

Click on any slideshow image to be taken directly to the gallery it is in. Smart Gallery . Images are signed on the supporting matte, and window matte. To download your image, right click and choose "Save As. Various print sizes are available as well as prints on Artist Canvas and Board Mounted Prints ready to hang. The Yukon is a unique landscape and lends itself as a refuge for those who like to get off the beaten path. Changed the SmugMug code to point to version 2 of the API, resulting in better performance, and improved support of titles, captions and highlight images. Payment is either by PayPal, direct deposit or cheque, details for payment will be sent once your order is placed. ORDERING. SmugMug Tech Specs: Devotional photography images are available only with a white matte devotional border with Catherine Martin | myPhotoWalk | Quiet Time Ministries signature, location, devotional quote, and image title. A SmugMug site comes equipped with several industry-standard features, but also lacks many others we consider critical to generating consistent sales from your photography.

If you like a particular image you can purchase prints of various sizes or even order framed p hoto's, greeting cards, canvas prints and many other forms of display depending on photo megapixels. All photos will be sent to your digitally via Welcome to DGL-Imaging. " Well, you have come to the right place. NOTICE: It should be noted that if you are interested in printing the entire pano, SmugMug does not have a standard stock sizes that will fit the entire shot. If you are interested in a particular image you can purchase it directly from the website , All of the photos on this site are for sale and reasonably priced. For now, if you would like an enlargement of any of those shots, please email me with the photo ID and I can either have it made for you, or re-scan that particular shot. No copyright image may be used without prior written approval. All prints are available for purchase in various sizes, paper textures, and mediums. summitcityphotos@aol. 00 5x7 4. They can be purchased as prints of various sizes and finishes or pictures of different designs ready to be hung on the wall.

0 - add option to disable comment syncing - add new display sizes and descriptions Version 3. Fine Art & Freelance photography. You decide what sizes are acceptable. com "Captured Moments " ~ photography by John Ohm. Frames are not supplied as they are readily available in a wide variety at most high street outlets, enabling you to choose one to suit your room's info@centexsportsphotos. It is not often seen in software like Photoshop because it is CPU-intensive. There are many choices - standard prints and sizes and even some not-so-standard prints and sizes, including metallic, giclees and metal prints--when you select an image to print. Matting is on white archival 4 ply matte, with a 4 ply white window matte, and underneath the entire image is a archival foam core for additional support. Reproduction of web photos or prints is strictly prohibited. I have over 35 years in the Fire Service , Be sure to check the site often New Photos are added often . I've seen many SmugMug galleries where multiple picture sizes are viewable, some even with the original photos.

I have simplified the price sheet to the most common sizes. Please check out my blog at chaliceleamanphotography. Note that SmugMug's standard URLs contain a size abbreviation after and right before the filename. Other sizes: 600 x 520 O 120 x 450 R 468 x 336 R 468 x 240 R 120 x 150 R: * These are some sample prices. com (805) 403 9712 "Besides drawing over 90,000 people live in the past 20 years, James' celebrity caricatures have been featured in Disney's very funny 'Dog with a Blog', the movies 'Little Fockers' of Robert De Niro and 'VANILLA SKY' of Tom Cruise, Will & Grace, HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Amazing Welcome to Perlmutter Photography. 7/11 new upload . Smugmug allows users to maintain complete control over the presentation of their images. Call 334 222 2727 if you have questions or you want to request other sizes and products. But it's unclear to me which version is used when it comes to ordering prints. Squarespace takes the guesswork out of formatting your images for display on the web. For smugmug and other galleries, I wonder how many size / crop versions do people prepare? Ie.

Did you know about our sweet Publish to Facebook feature? It’s a super-simple way to copy your (watermarked, if you’re a Portfolio or a Business Smugger) photos from your SmugMug gallery and Statues are a funny thing in Japan - they come in all shapes, sizes, and numbers. Uses second monitor for fullscreen preview. 4x6 print $1 ~ 5x7 print $4 ~ 8x10 print $7 (non-senior/family)~Digital Image $2 To place order: e-mail gallery name,4-digit IMG number,size and quantity to eeh13 Below the slideshow you can read more about Jorge's bio, and review Thematic Folders/Galleries, that offer an organized view of his different projects and activities. Places Photography "Whether you've been there or dream of going, Places Photography is meant to evoke emotion and attachment to beautiful locations. jpg when you are browsing through the photos. SHARING YOUR IMAGES: When sharing these images on social media, please make sure to tag Round Lens Photography (on FB, once you are a fan of the page, tag us by using @roundlensphotography in the comments or status notes). SmugMug Automatically Scales Photos and Video, Supports High Definition Video 12 years SmugMug has released a set of new features that further cements itself as a first-rate photo sharing website. com . Scroll down to see the many galleries available for your tour. Powered by SmugMug. To facilitate easy download, most images are of normal resolution and are suitable for use as digital images and for most printing sizes.

With the universal availability of point and shoot digital cameras. A checkmark indicates the size will be available for the authors to choose while embedding from SmugMug. E-mail: carolynedson@gmail. This means that a photo that fits a wallet print MAY NOT print properly at other print sizes. You decide what content is allowable. The CPanel software many hosting services use even has drag and drop for image uploads. SmugMug doesn't only display your photos, but offers elegant tools for resizing and creating galleries as well. Next Step: Upload it to a gallery on your SmugMug site - this is typically a private gallery where you keep your site files (like your header image). My intention is to create a good library of unique photography for collectors walls while providing affordable small business use for electronic publishing in your blogs and social networks. SmugMug Pros. We create seven variations of each uploaded image, to ensure perfect display on any screen size.

If nobody will ever order prints, then you could get a little faster uploads by downsampling to the size of Smugmug's largest upcoming XL image size These photographs can also be ordered as regular prints or any of the other print products by selecting "Buy Photos" then selecting whichever photo product and size you desire. If you want an image to be medium instead of large, simply replace the "L" with "M" in both instances and you'll be set. COM by Keith Muratori. Your clients trust you to capture their memories, and at Bay Photo, we take that responsibility seriously. I understand that smugmug let's the purchaser decide what to crop if a nonloaded file size is selected, ie. NH Sports Photography watermarks are removed from final prints and downloads. Once you decide on the Action Photo Booth photos you would like to purchase, click on "Buy: photo". Freedom and Liberty depend on citizens using their voices! For more information about The Voice, log onto: TheVoice. You can purchase any simply by adding the photos of your choice to your cart. Welcome to my Draghead Photos & Videos web site. Luckily they have left the image selector icon in the “normal” Lightbox mode that the visitor see.

The filename will be visible beneath each image as you preview the larger sizes (it is not listed on the smaller thumbnail images). First, get the URL of your photo. First, figure out which image you want (each image has a file name, refer to this file name when ordering). Wallet prints have a different aspect ratio from your camera's native sensor aspect ratio, so the original image will be cropped. If anyone is interested in using any of my photo's, either commercially or otherwise, or would like to purchase some prints, then please feel free to contact me. Two of my images have won the Spotlight recognition, on Aminus 3 Blog site. ” SmugMug can’t match Wix for versatility or broad appeal, but it doesn’t try to. This technique of printing giclees images on metal offers you artwork which is: •The best dye infused archival print available, without the need for glass •Brilliant luminescence •Ultra-hard, waterproof and scratch resistant surface suitable for any indoor or outdoor location. Welcome to Northjerseyfireimages. Purchased images are cropped and colour corrected. The thing you really need to concern yourself with is the number of pixels in the image.

You can browse through numerous galleries of some of America’s most beautiful places. com by photographer Michael Keith. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you’ll see a folder called ‘images’. All of my photos can be purchased through SmugMug as prints, artwork, canvas gallery wraps and gift items. Dye Infused Metal Prints. " IMAGE PRICES. japan travel sony a7iii letsimage photogaphy 大砂利地蔵菩薩 statues day urban shrine temple japanese bokeh. Each image won out of 700 images from around the world, on that given day. Now you, not some pushy "service," has control of your images. Have your choice of payment ready. 75 • 5x7-$12.

The existing parts of a theme can be customized in terms of colors, sizes, margins, fonts, and transitions. 1. " Once it's uploaded, use photo tools (under the image) and select "make into watermark. There are always exceptions, but in general, these are help guidelines. Any of the images are available for purchase on this website from 4x6 to very large prints on many types of media. And we agree — it’s a good idea to get an idea of what your limits are… particularly… Uploading to SmugMug. Please use the image name on the bottom left of the photo when ordering. Scott Taft is a photographer/photo artist originally from Chicago and now resides in Tucson, AZ. The full set consists of 216 high resolution images, color printed in 3 optional sizes. Every SmugMug account comes with unlimited photo storage to help you archive, protect and share the story of your life, in photos. You can get prints directly from smugmug selecting the "purchase" icon on top of the images.

Click on your chosen image, then you can either buy ‘this photo’ or ‘photos from this gallery’. All images are copyright of Georgia College & State University. A 4Mpix image is 4 megapixels. These limited editions are ordered directly from me. Change image sizes. Tips To Maximize Your SmugMug Account. Or choose to download high res copies of any image and print them yourself. 00 other sizes and gift photos available as well DIGITIAL IMAGES/JPG FILES CAN BE ORDERED DIRECTLY FOR $10 EACH OR 5 FOR $40 BY CONTACTING ME AT info@centexsportsphotos. Each photo is available to be purchased. Original - The full sized image file, suitable for large printing. SmugMug.

All sizes and type paper are available. This is the e-sales home of Mark DiLallo Photography powered by SmugMug Pro. SmugMug uses the Lanczos algorithm to make display copies because it preserves the most detail. You can also purchase a print of any image by clicking on the "Buy" button. Start with a gallery layout that displays your photos just the way you like them, then select a design template for your site that looks and feels right. When you click on a photographers image below you will be shown a gallery of the work. by Jordan I need a lot of different types and sizes of organizations to be able to access my photographs differently. All major formats, thumbnail view (6 predefined sizes), full screen, magnifier, slideshow. If you would like to purchase printed images you can order them online by clicking on the blue “BUY” button or the icon of shopping trolley at the bottom right of the image. Branding can be customized as well. Why Upload Your Full-Res Originals? - school SmugMug School Welcome to my site for viewing images from sessions and weddings, and even purchasing prints of all sizes, wall hangings and art and photo merchandise, if you like.

Choose the images you want to order by the preview number on the bottom of the image you want to purchase. I also have my images on display at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Ma. have questions? want to customize sizes or finishes? please call (615) 497-7354 or email chuck@ckimageart. Shopping using these and don't care enough to research exactly how many times their profile/banner image sizes have changed over the past 5yrs, but they Ken Stewart Photography 2800 July St. TO ORDER A CANVAS, PRINT OR FRAMED PICTURE we need l ink to chosen photograph, size and type of print you want and your contact details. At the bottom of the larger image you will see some options: 3. 3-MP digital mostly for documenting work-related equipment items. The resizing of photos also depends on how big your device display screen is and whether or not you have your browser set to full screen. Any image in my gallery can be printed to suit your This gallery is a sample (at low resolution) of the images in the current (2013) Visual Explorer™ set. The shopping cart has many options including all sizes of prints, wall art, desk art, even phone cases, as well as digital downloads. I will appreciate your comments here or at giampierotorello94@gmail.

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Need an image cropped to a different size? There's plenty more where these came from! Feel free to email me with orders and inquiries at LPocherPhotography@gmail. Ordering is pretty simple. Welcome to my photo viewing and "sharing" website. If you are visiting my site from your computer you can easily save any of the pictures to your desktop by right clicking and clicking on "Save image As", then choose a destination folder. I select the paper for the individual photo depending on the characteristic of the image and will let you know how the image will best be printed. Summary. Carolyn (If you heavily crop into a smaller section of the photograph, and still print in large dimensions, you are essentially stretching image pixels, which can result in a lower quality print. The photo sizes vary from 4x6 to 24x36 prints. Image Size. All of the images are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and media. Make it your own.

When you do that you should see a small menu pop up with options for different sizes. Airbus A350 (msn 002) test aircraft in the Carbon Fiber livery . com Ken Stewart Photography works with both individuals and design firms to provide high quality original photographs and digital art. The intent for the image should guide your purchase option. My name is David Loop, I am just an amateur photographer that loves to take pictures. Welcome to the Grand Foyer of our photo-sharing web site, the Gallery OnDaLine. Large image sizes . If you want to print at really large poster sizes, you would probably want a larger image. Download images by selecting the icon when moving the mouse over the picture. I will re-scan those galleries into larger sizes at a later date. Part of that equation is helping you know what options are available.

j. Lepp, photographer of wildflowers in California and longtime writer in Outdoor Photographer magazine. Once you check out your chosen photo/s will go straight to our high-end, professional photographic labs in California, USA and shipped (internationally) by either UPS or FedEx within 48 hours. Landscape and seascape images from New England and beyond. it is no longer enough to present pretty pictures that are technically correct. CSN: All photos are low resolution. If you take the same image, and change the resolution setting to what ever you want, and then print the same size image, you will see virtually no difference in the quality of the print. These ones here are from the viewpoint located at the top of of the mountain area in Itsukushima. To add a favicon to your SmugMug site, do the following: Adding Favicon to Your SmugMug Site. If you’re new to SmugMug, you may wonder exactly what, how much and how often you can upload to your galleries. Welcome to the Online Gallery for NH Sports Photography.

and The Bedford Center in Bedford, Ma. Pin it! SmugMug style gallery . Even with those hassles, it was well worth it. co. e. Contact me immediately if you find an image is not printing the way you want it to. To download an image, click the image to view it full screen, click the "sizes" icon on the bottom right of the photo to select the size you would like to download, then right-click to Save Image. We have some recommendations on how to format your images before uploading them. It's just one extra way you can make your site 100% yours. Various photo sizes, as well as additional information about the image, is available by hovering your mouse over the larger image to the right. Have fun, look around, and explore.

A2C . This is a size that allows for quality printing at most reasonable sizes. #15 Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Ph. The "Metallic" paper prints are a stunning quality print. Like thumbnails and small / medium / large size etc. iTakeGr8Pics also specializes in corporate event photography, concert photography, commercial photography, photojournalistic photography, editorial photography and traditional photography. Thanks, David SmugMug Allows Your Clients To Select Their Favorite Images With a Single Click. Check out my new family, Christmas card and student packages to get savings on some traditional image sizes! {This feature shows up when you put a photo in your shopping cart!} Enjoy--as I always I love comments. My images are on display and may be purchased at, The Silver Buffalo Gallery, Berlin, Ma. my account also functions as an All photos are copyrighted by the individual photographer. David H.

I originally had you upload those images to your website, but decided to include the image links. us Welcome to Sonny Parker Photography, Born and raised in the Yukon Territory, Canada, I've developed a passion for wilderness and adventure. My goal here is to provide the product you want. We endeavor to capture the passion and pride of our ponies, the commitment of competition, the eagerness of both rider and equine, and to showcase excellence and share the ecstacy and elation beaming out through wide smiles and big gentle eyes. Zenfolio image: Please click on a thumbnail to the left to view the larger image. It is the original size of the image, identical in every way. I can allow others to download original image files or restrict them to various sizes. Instead of three sizes, SmugMug gives you nine. 63 • wallets (set of 8)-$9. The software allows you to upload proofs and final edits into a gallery that you can then send to your clients so they can pick their edits or order prints. Photo editor.

In this tutorial, we will share how to switch from SmugMug to WordPress. When you find a photo you want, you have the option to purchase a digital copy, prints in all different sizes, create greeting cards, mouse pad, mugs, and many other products containing the image of your choice. Dave's SmugMug Referral Code (Earn a $5 discount on your new SmugMug account using my code: bLddl3oEbN1Rw) I'm an amateur 'snapshot-styled' photographer that started with an Olympus D-360 1. Secret Womens Business sports and Sorrells artistic images are the merging of two visions seen through the eye of the lens and the heart. From Portfolio Do you want to move your photos and image galleries from SmugMug to WordPress? You may know that the photos shared on SmugMug aren’t in your control and can be deleted anytime. 00 11x14 12. 240 x 160 pixe This adds a red 2px border, "mat" and a drop shadow on all of the Albums, Folders and Page thumbnails on your SmugMug website. SmugMug is an easy way to get your photos online. So to get around this, choose an image size and when checking out, before paying there will be an option to adjust the cropping of the image. While your computer images may look sharp, my pictures are all posted in full resolution which is always many times sharper than what you view on your computer screen, and will print very sharp in large sizes. SmugMug Pros and Cons for Photographers.

Here is what I will need to complete your order: the name of the gallery from which you are ordering, image number that you would like to order (this is located under the picture when you click to enlarge it-a general description followed by a series of 4 numbers-these are the numbers I need), the quantity and size you wish to order, as well as Welcome to FIREGROUNDIMAGES. SmugMug is an image hosting services and photo-sharing site that allows people for uploading videos and photos to their SmugMug websites. Just click on the buy button and select your preferred item. li@gmail. All matted prints are signed by me and double matted - the sizes indicated below show the print size followed by the final size with mat. SmugMug is a photo-sharing service popular among professional photographers. Click on any image, and then click 'ADD TO CART' to view the MANY print sizes, styles and gifts that are available from these images (matte or glossy prints, digital downloads of full res images, keychains, mousepads, etc). Contact me at mitchell. com for available session times and fees. Clips and pics of the Unity March and the Sister March are in the Events Gallery, below. SmugMug is a photo-sharing site and image-hosting service that allows users to upload both HD photos and videos to their SmugMug sites.

It is also possible to use image editing software, such as Photoshop or QImage, to digitally blow up your image to a higher resolution, perform some post process sharpening, and print at even larger sizes. ) It is the image that shows up in the viewer's browser tab or window while viewing a website. 4. It costs $12/year to register a domain and hosting services can be had for as little as $5/month. After clicking on an image, look for the 'Sizes' icon in the lower right corner to select 'Original'. This site has all my pics and videos from Drag Races, Cacklefests, Car Shows, Concerts, Drag Race Shops & Museums, Sand Drags, and Personal Photos. Photos are available in a variety of sizes and orders are handled by www. 9. What size should your photos be when posting them to the web? What are the common standard digital photo image sizes? Every site I looked at had different size images, but some common themes did emerge. One that complements your images as well as your image. That means those images are stored within my SmugMug site.

This should be available via smugmug in 4x6" sizes which is how this was designed. (If you heavily crop into a smaller section of the photograph, and still print in large dimensions, you are essentially stretching image pixels, which can result in a lower quality print. Just click the "buy this photo" button and you will see all the choices. Winter . 94 There are two sizes available for download: Hi-Res 4MP - suitable for online usage and/or printing upto 8x10. NOTICE: It should be noted that if you are interested in printing the entire pano, SmugMug does not have a standard stock sizes that will fit the entire shot (some do come close though). "We even auto-adjust the image to fit the size of the visitors' monitor/Web browser window so they get the best experience with the largest images possible," one of SmugMug's support staff e-mailed in explanation. An Original image is the exact image that the photographer has put online. I work with a local printing company to provide high quality art for retail and corporate office spaces in a wide range of sizes and media, including canvas, metal and acrylic. Re: SmugMug Display Size Setting Question I do not know if this is relevant to your problem but my thoughts arise from when I had dial-up connection and realized that large files download slowly. Corporate Art.

Add 7% tax to all orders. I have tried to keep these fair. The filename is different than the gallery sequence number (ex. 0 - add support for UrlName of up to 60 characters - minor image syncing improvements Version 3. As with any service, SmugMug has its pros and cons, which we will review in this post. I have been involved in the emergency services field and a photographer since the early 80's. Indicate image name and size of each image you are ordering. Image: 922315. To avoid having to crop the image select sizes that are the same "aspect ratio" as the gallery you are in, "Square", "8X10" or "4X6" respectively. But don’t just take it from us. WE WILL DISPLAY YOUR IMAGES ONLINE FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY.

>>>> To see images bigger - hover your cursor over the image on the right. Here family, friends and students can view, download (for free), and purchase prints of photos from MSA events. Log in to your SmugMug account. I get a percentage of the advertised price and I will be happy if my costs for the platform are covered. You will find images corresponding to a variety of photographic genres in the galleries presented here. Welcome to my Photo IMAGE Store -This marketplace is designed to provide you with a streamlined and secure shopping experience for purchase and delivery of images. Embeding images from Smugmug In that page there are links to that photo of 4 sizes (thumnail, small, large, original). The Print Lab Photographers Trust. When we upload photos to Flickr, it gets re-sized into different sizes to display on the site. Below is a screenshot from Zenfolio, followed by a screenshot of the same image on SmugMug. Digital downloads come in a variety of sizes.

As a Richmond native, I'm always out capturing the city and its surroundings as beautifully as I can. Available options are Thumbnail, Small, Medium, and Large. 00 8x10 8. No more manual Photoshop image resizing is required. Digital downloads are also available. Lewis and Mary Margaret Lewis are the photographers who make up Hummingbird Enterprises. Pro tips 1. 1) Click on the photo you want, then click on share button and copy full link of the image from the window or top of your browser (CMD or CTRL + C) Additional sizes and framing are available. SmugMug is an image-hosting platform and custom website provider for photographers founded in 2002. Please click on the green "Buy Photos" button to order a color print (in various sizes and finishes) of any image (right and below). 89 • 12x18 $44.

Most images will be over 3,000 pixels wide - almost actual size. Welcome to the Miller School of Albemarle photo site. Subject "Milk of Life Placard" This SmugMug album, created 3/17/17, is used to store LARGE images of RV panels. The most popular options and best values are the $20 8x10 or 8x12, and the $20 digital download. If you see an image you would like to buy, please contact me for prices , sizes and options @ 509-997-6221. Image Editing. 10 of 453). click and hold on the image in smugmug AEHS Photo student questionnaire 2008/09 Photo students click here Einsteinhs. Purchase prints in sizes from 4×6 up to 30×40 in these finishes: Matte, Lustre, Glossy and Metallic. So you have looked through our website and said to yourself, "I have to have one of these stunning images on my wall. Image content is the most powerful there is to help you tell your story and make your offers.

the loaded image is 8x10 but the buyer wants to purchase 5x7 prints. And when no options fit you perfectly, you can make up your own. 57. The Prints tab will list categories such as standard sizes, compact camera sizes, and other sizes. com I have all sizes of Fine Art Canvas's available as well as various sizes of prints up to large poster sizes available. Welcome to Michiganfireground. Please call us for guidance if you are unsure. com When ordering please note the Smugmug photo guarantee JAMES MALIA - "Drawing the fun into your party or illustration is my passion!" jmalia007@gmail. Standard Image Sizes. See below for all the products that are available. Any time an image is downsampled (to go from your original to SmugMug's large display size, for example), the image loses sharpness.

I didn't mean to upset you, but felt the need to clarify what I wrote. Actionable advice for choosing the right image size to increase the speed of your photography website, explaining all the important aspects of image optimization (for performance): image dimensions, file types and compression levels, image optimization tools. “SmugMug is an excellent choice of portfolio website builder, whether you’re starting out in digital photography or ready to launch a scaleable online business. I am a "hobbyist" photograph er and not a professional. Today the image must supplement the "Wow Factor" with a firm tug to the viewers emotions. Every SmugMugger knows that you get lots of convenient photo sizes for every pic you… If you want to post an image to a blog or forum and SmugMug's standard image sizes won't do, you can make your own. Please send me an email, text or call if you have any questions or would like a different size. You may order any image on my website. Some images have been compressed, but are available directly from me. Storage is unlimited at Smugmug so there's no reason for you to try to conserve storage space. Photography of landscapes, nightscapes, birds and wildlife.

Image Size – Allows authors to choose any selected image size – NOTE- These image sizes represent the sizes from SmugMug, not the resized images from WordPress. you can create your own custom size as required. IOS app video upload check . For images that we access and allow you to add to your BlogSite through the integration, SmugMug automatically makes multiple image sizes available through their API and we display the ones appropriate for the particular place in the site. And most of SmugMug’s branding can be deleted or minimized. Fonts offered are fairly varied, but color options felt a bit limited. Airbus A350-941 F-WWCF (msn 002) (Carbon Fiber livery) TLS (Olivier Gregoire). Photos can be purchased and ordered through the Smugmug photo lab based upon the following pricing: 4x6 $2. smugmug image sizes

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